Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University May 29-31. When traveling and local anglers want to go fishing at Redfish University, these anglers want to do just that, go fishing. We like to take it a step further and call it “catching” but we’ll address this shortly. Although we’ve had some pretty stiff winds out of the Southeast for the last few days, there are ALWAYS areas to target redfish, speckled trout and flounder in the Pensacola area. Experience, creativity and a little extra effort in the form of trailering the boat to semi-protected areas to eliminate rough water crossings are always appreciated by Redfish University anglers. Of course, wind direction and speed will always limit our fishing areas on that particular day. It is the captain’s, or in this case, the Professor’s experience, reputation and drive that will make the difference between a fantastic morning of catching big numbers of fish and learning the most productive techniques available or not catching anything at all or even worse, not going. Also worth pointing out is the fact that many instructional Redfish University anglers actually prefer challenging conditions during an instructional trip and nevermind the common knowledge that the redfish, speckled trout and redfish will be much more aggressive and cooperative in adverse but manageable conditions. Disappointing anglers at Redfish University isn’t an option.
Let’s return to the word “catching.” Each morning we started a bit earlier to allow for travel time to a wide variety of locations. With anglers loaded up in the Redfish University Ford Excursion with complimentary coffee, espresso(hand-made at Redfish University) and donuts we travelled to destinations including Santa Rosa Sound, Perdido Bay, some areas east of Navarre and some areas we will not mention. With the wind to our angler’s backs, they launched Sebile Bongas, Stick Shadds, Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads rigged on Owner Twist-Locks and Johnson Gold Spoons to secure some really nice “catches” of quality speckled trout, awesome redfish and even a few flounder. In a few cases, we actually trailered the boat again to travel to different areas to give our anglers some different scenary but the same action-packed fishing. In all areas, we found the fish to be extremely aggressive and plentiful as predicted. Lots of catch and release but a pretty solid number hit the cooler for dinner.
At Redfish University, we take daily calls, emails and texts inquiring about red snapper trips in June and July, sheepshead trips in the Spring and family “fish catching” trips for whatever. These fishing trips are sent elsewhere. While these seasonal trips can be fun and are simple enough, Redfish University is widely known as the Gulf Coast’s ultimate destination for Pure Fishing product, artificial only fishing trips from redfish, speckled trout, flounder, pompano and sometimes even bull redfish. With the addition of other 23 Pathfinder HPS in the near future, perhaps a Redfish University adjunct professor can accommodate the many seasonal trips that we turndown weekly.
Right now, it’s the red snapper everyone is calling about(received a call 20 minutes ago.) For inshore and nearshore red snapper trips in June and July, here is a list of very qualified, reputable and outstanding guides that will secure limits of red snapper and more for you. In no particular order: Capt. Brant Peacher at Emerald Coast Fishing Charters 8504503878, Capt. Justin Hinote at Relentless Charters 8503905462 and Capt. Brad King at South Again Charters at 8503160997.
These friends are highly recommended by Redfish University and a few Red Snapper photos have been added from their trips today. Thanks again, E Holstman