Some really steady trips on Wednesday and today, even if the winds and conditions slightly limited our areas of operation. We’ve been launching on protected banks, or as protected as possible from a direct east wind at 15-20mph. If we can get to my productive areas, we will catch fish and this is why I’m in a 2012 Pathfinder 2300 HPS. I can’t say enough about the Pathfinder 2300 or the whole Maverick Boat Company product line for that matter. My Pathfinder is truly the best bay boat made… period, end of statement.
Let’s get to the fishing. Both mornings, we started with Sebile Stickshadds to stick numerous speckled trout in the 2-4# range including a few medium redfish in the mix. As the morning went on, we switched to a great technique to fish a little deeper water and sand ledges. The drop-shot rig really works wonders around timid fish in off-color water. The insertion of a plastic worm rattle in the Gulp! baits also draws more strikes. A few other top-secret techniques won’t be offered, you’ll just have to visit Redfish U. to learn how to triple your catch of redfish and speckled trout. And no… we never use livebait!! Thanks, E Holstman