When I see swinging traffic lights and a temperature change of 25 degrees, I know I’m in for a difficult today. What a huge difference a day makes but with yesterday’s awesome trip, I knew there would be some fish to catch. Can’t always fish in perfect conditions! Blowing 30mph and a cloudless sky, so I  guided Ike and Oscar this morning for an instructional and fishing catching trip at Redfish University. My main objective this morning was safety, slow presetations and trolling motor boat control. I made it a point to have the guys making long casts with the wind which would certainly present many more opportunities to hit some fish. Started at 630am and found the water to be dropping extremely quickly. Tossed Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads in camo with 1/4oz Marsh Works jigheads(could have used heavier) in search of redfish and trout. Found some trout immediately and it wasn’t long before a 4# fish was in the boat. Found a few more fishable areas where we hit the trout pretty well and grabbed some more fish between 2-3.5#. The redfish were extremely difficult and only managed a small fish mixed in with all the speckled trout. I’ve never seen the water move out quicker!! Used the jackplate a lot today. Found more trout in a few more areas but as the water dropped and the pressure rose, we found the bite really slowed to a crawl. Nevertheless, caught quite a few nice trout and I hope even more was learned about inshore fishing during absolutely horrific conditions. Kept 4 nice trout for dinner. I invited the duo for a scouting trip with me in the near future so that I can show them a few more areas we couldn’t reach and stick a few nice redfish. Indeed, boat control today was a major reason we produced the fish that we caught. Hopefully, next week’s weather will be stable and we’ll return to the normal high production at Redfish U. Thanks, E Holstman

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