Took a short spin around the bay this afternoon with friend, Capt. Bob Quarles. Bob is a fellow Maverick Boats guide and one of my favorite anglers to fish with. Found a big school of bull redfish and got to work. Hooked four fish on four rods including a sweet topwater strike right next to the boat. I also wanted to test my new favorite redfish combo, the Penn Conquerer 4000 and the Allstar ASR Redfish rod. Hooked a 25# redfish on this combo and really put some major pressure on the rod and reel. It came through like a champ and I actually tried to break the rod with the fish near the boat but actually broke the braid. Very, very tough set up!! Anyway, achieved my goal of pulling on some heavy fish, getting some sun on my face and watching the Blue Angels. Fun afternoon.

Several trips schedule in the coming weeks and the fishing should be excellent. See everyone soon. Eric Holstman

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