Guided Mr. Fred McGafferty and Mr. David McGafferty this morning. Started out in the upper bays looking for redfish and trout but the combination of dirty water and little water movement from the neap tide made things difficult. Picked off one 5.5# speckled trout and a few smaller ones. Also got a few small redfish. With things looking grim up there, we decided to cruise south in search of clear water and redfish. We immediately found a great area to sightfish redfish in the 29-42″ range. Stuck plenty of 12-21# redfish in 4-8ft of water. All fish caught on Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads rigged with Marsh Works Jigheads. Also worth mentioning, these big fish were taken on 6# and 10# Berkley Crystal and Spiderwire Ultracast InvisiBraid. All fish release. Heading to Jacksonville tonight for the first HT3 Cup East event. See everyone next week!!

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