Guided Terry and Victor from Destin this morning over in their home waters. Started out in Hogtown Bayou and stuck 3-4 redfish but the water was still a little off and the mullet were not as plentiful as in recent trips. Blasted through the landcut and arrived in West Bay as the water was beginning to fall. Found lots of redfish inside and just on the edge of the grass. A few hours into the falling tide, the tailing began. All together we saw 100-150 fish in schools of 2-20. We picked off 7-8 very good quality redfish but all-in-all, the fish were very shy today. Great casts and quiet presentations by Terry, Victor and myself were mostly ignored. It really makes me want to go over there tomorrow at stick the crap out of them!! Anyway, hopefully the fellas learned a ton about shallow water angling and how frustrating redfish can be at times. All fish caught on Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads and 1/4oz. Johnson Gold Spoons. All fish released.

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