Guided Mr. and Mrs. Sims this morning in search of redfish and speckled trout. The Sims are pretty experienced bass anglers from up north so their techniques and presentations were spot-on. Met with high winds, fast falling water and a little cloud cover. Naturally, the first few hours were going to be best so we moved fast. A few casts in, the anglers stuck some quality speckled trout and a 24″ redfish. Continued to find more of both down the bank but the fish were pretty tough already. Ended up switching to a light drop-shot rig which really increased the strikes. Found that most of the bigger trout and redfish were mixed in with mullet so we only fished areas with big numbers of mullet. No flounder today. The Sims graciously took home only what they could eat tonight and the rest was released. Definitely slower than yesterday. Not fishing tomorrow then 7 days straight and more reports to come. Happy fishing and Merry Christmas. E Holstman

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