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Important Announcement regarding upcoming Redfish University trips-March 2, 2009

Dear Clients and scheduled anglers, Thanks to everyone who has enrolled and graduated from Redfish University. We continue to stay very busy with 3-5 Redfish U. classes per week. Thank you everyone. The month of March is typically a boat transition period for me and this March is no exception. With several Redfish University trips tentatively booked in the coming weeks, I have contacted several of you to reschedule if possible. Today, I cleaned out my 2008 Hewes 21 Redfisher to take delivery of my brand new 2009 Hewes Redfisher. Unfortunately, I will be personally boatless for a few weeks. But never fear!! For those that have the flexibility to reschedule have done so, those that would like a Redfish University session on their OWN boat(insurance and waiver) are very welcome to here locally. For those who wish to experience a Redfish University trip on a 2009 Maverick/Hewes flats boat, trips will be available in Destin and Panama City ONLY for the next few weeks. A 2009 Maverick 17 HPX with a Yamaha F90 will be my temporary redfish catching machine. My apologies for the short inconvience and see everyone at Redfish U. soon....

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Redfish University at Bass Pro Shops-Feb.28-March 1

Over the weekend, I was invited by (Pure Fishing) Berkley to represent the new Abu Garcia reels(Soron and the Inshore Revos) as well as all Berkley products such as Gulp! and Johnson Spoons. I also performed a few Redfish University seminars for the packed house. My only regret was that I failed to get Rick Klunn’s autograph! Anyway, I really enjoyed meeting everyone at Bass Pro Shops, thank you for all the phone calls and emails to booked Redfish University sessions and I especially enjoyed helping everyone learn more about shallow water redfishing. See you next time!!...

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Dozens and dozens at Redfish University-2/27/09

Guided Mr. Jim Lawrence and his son Brett this morning on an epic Redfish University trip. What a fun day with some really nice people!! We absoluting hammered the redfish sticking over 30 quality fish(23-27″) with a few 3-4# trout mixed in. Concentrated on very shallow flats with large schools of mullet. All fish caught on 1/4oz. Johnson Gold Spoons. All fish released. This was definitely a Top 5 Redfish U. Trip of the...

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Redfish U. session in the wind and cold-2/22/09

Got on the water for a few hours(6-8am) with my good friend and website designer, Randy Hamilton and my dad. Fished some very protected banks and scored big on the redfish and trout. Ended up with over 20 quality trout and some heavy redfish. All fish taken on Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo, lime tiger and sardine.

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Emerald Coast Saltwater Seminar Series-2/18/09

Hey Everybody, Sorry for the delay. This is a rough draft but they are my notes. There’s actually two pieces. Thanks for coming to the seminar and see you in March! Sightfishing for redfish seminar. Tonight’s topic is sightfishing for redfish. Looking forward to this seminar. Sightfishing is exactly what is says, Fishing from sight. Much more goes into this technique though besides seeing and casting. Sightfishing is performed in 1′ of water to about 3′ of water. Bay boats with drafts of less than 14″ or so are fine. Rods and reel Light to medium action rod able to make long, accurate casts. Spinning or baitcaster is fine. Generally, spinning tackle will allow better distance and accuracy. Reels with 8-12 pd test mono or 10-20 braid. 10-20 pound fluorocarbon leaders 30-40″ long. Try not to use a swivel. A line to leader knot will increase success. Bait Livebait is possible but difficult in sightfishing. Gold spoons, Gulp Shrimp, crabs and jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, suspending plugs. Topwater is not recommended but can be used while blindcasting. Also, anything that a bass will eat, a redfish will eat, including plastic worms. My favorite baits in this area(Pensacola): 1. 3 inch Gulp Shrimp or Crab on a flutterhook or Gamakatsu 1/16 oz lead. 2. 1/8 Johnson Gold spoons 3. Gulp 5″ Jerkbaits on flutterhook or 1/16 or 1/8 oz. Areas to sightfish for redfish in our area: Any shallow flats or bank will hold redfish. Areas that contain oyster bar or shells, sawgrass, black root systems on the bank, dark muddy bottoms, sand bottoms and grass bottom will all have redfish. All the above in one section is the best. North Escambia Bay, Garcon point, East Bay, Big Lagoon, North Santa Rosa Sound are great places to sightfish for redfish. Things to look for when sightfishing: Clear water- redfish love clear water. You can see the fish much easier and you can identify bottom conture and vegetation. Also bait will be easier to see. Water movement- incoming and outgoing flow is important. Redfish like a little water movement like most fish and they feed better. Look for bait (particularly mullet)- When...

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Fun day of sightfishing at Redfish University

It was challenging with a 20-25mph NE wind but we got the job done. The fish were very uncooperative so we needed to see them from a good distance and make perfect casts. Saw 100’s of fish and several tailing, including a bonus 33″ fish in 12″ of water. That fish was hungry!! All fish caught on Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo and all fish...

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