Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University. It was another great week of instructional and bull redfish trips at Redfish University. We’re following the same schedule with morning trips for the bull redfish and then hitting the inner bays on the afternoon rising tides. The speckled trout and redfish have been plentiful in a variety of areas and our instructional clients have been treated to some excellent numbers of both species. On our favorite trip of the week, I was accompanied by a father and his two young sons. The trio wanted to learn everything there was to learn about inshore fishing for speckled trout and redfish(in a 4.5 hour period.) They were treated to the best inshore fishing instruction on the Gulf Coast. Casting, bait retrieval, hook setting, proper fighting techniques, netting and proper handling and release. This is instruction that all Redfish University clients are offered but the enthusiasm and excitement of these young anglers made it that much more special. Our other clients this week were local residents and just needed some locational instruction and small bits of proper technique. Needless to say, they’ll now be fine on their own. The bull redfish trips were just the usual cast and pull but fun nonetheless for our anglers that just want some easy thrills. This morning’s trip was difficult with high winds and lightly dressed clients. Caught a few in an hour’s time but just rescheduled them in the near future.

Throughout the year, Redfish University donates fishing trips to various charities and organizations. One of our favorite is the Mark Carroll and Friends Toy Drive. We are looking forward to attending this great event next Thursday evening in downtown Atlanta.

We will again take the weekend off and leave it to the circus clowns. We’ll pick it up again next Monday thru Wednesday and then fly into Atlanta just in time for the Toy Drive event.

Once again, for anglers interested in improving their angling skills, teach the kids or you’re new to inshore saltwater fishing, Redfish University in the only credible inshore instructional guiding service on the entire Gulf Coast. Experience what thousands of anglers have learned at Redfish University.