Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University. We’re making progress here at Redfish University with some local anglers still on the waiting list. We’ve had to postpone today’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s Redfish University trips due to bad weather and snow which will add to the delay but we’ll try to recover later in the week and early next week before departuring for a little skiing adventure up in Mont Tremblant Quebec.
This is a fantastic time of year for Redfish University. While most fishing guides in our area will be somewhat busy in the Spring and Summer due to high tourist volume, high Google placement and Redfish University’s packed schedule, in the Winter, Redfish University’s accessibility and high demand allow us to perform three to five, and sometimes more, trips per week with many being instructional trips with local anglers. We’re so pleased and humbled that so many travelling and local anglers have made the best choice for their instructional fishing trips.
We’re finding plenty of redfish, speckled trout and bull redfish over the past week with some days better than others but steady action nonetheless. Mostly afternoons but some mornings have produced well for anglers that need to fish mornings.
Lastly, Redfish University anglers will be thrilled with the huge shipment of new 2014 Penn Conquers, Conflicts and Battles as well as the Penn Regiment inshore rods. And don’t forget about the miles of Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid and the truckloads of Berkley Gulp! and Berkley Havoc for your angling pleasure. See everyone soon and thanks again. E Holstman