Guided James and Renee Macrellis this morning. The Macrellis’ are soon to be new residents to the Pensacola area and wanted to get a quick preview of the area’s inshore fishery for both great-eating fish and entertainment fishing. Met the beginning anglers this morning at 530am and set off to find some redfish and trout over to the east. Topwaters and subsurface were both on the menu and it wasn’t long before redfish and trout were clearing the rails. We had some super topwater strikes and put a few fish on ice for dinner. We were able to cover some other productive areas before ending back west to catch whatever swims including Spanish mackeral, bluefish, ladyfish and sharks. The sharks really put on a spectacular aerial show today after being hooked. Lots of fun!  The Macrellis’ will now have an incredible headstart when they make their move here this Fall and find a boat of their own. A few redfish and trout for the grill and all other fish released.

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