Guided some of my best and favorite clients Jim and Kyle Lawrence this morning. The guys drove over from Destin this morning at 400am and had catching fish on their minds. Met at 515am and set out for a morning of epic topwater action. Epic it was!!! Immediately, Jim and Kyle started pounding away at the speckled trout and redfish. The sound of topwater explosions filled the silent morning and was music to our ears. Lots of “booms”, “pows” and “cawblauwees” from all of us witnessing this stellar morning of topwater action. I have no idea how many quality trout were landed, stuck momentarily and dropped at the boat, but it was many. Moved on once the sun got up and fished some water in the 3-6′ range in search of more trout and redfish. Didn’t take long and the action was almost every cast! I was able to give my friend Jim some great advice in this area by suggesting working his Berkley Gulp! Jerkbait a bit slower(at a snails pace) to draw a larger trout. In RU’s experience, both small trout and redfish are much more attracted to quick/fast moving baits because of their youthful aggressiveness. Sure enough, Jim lands an awesome 5# fish next cast in the same exact area where three 14-15″ just came. With our mission to successfully slay the trout and redfish all morning accomplished, we took a ride for the Pass to just catch some fish. Caught Spanish, bluefish and ladyfish for the rest of the time and even hooked a few large sharks on the big rod. RU doesn’t spend much time at all in Pensacola Pass but we all had a great time watching bait scatter from sharks and Spanish. Jim and Kyle left Pensacola with 15 very nice trout, some redfish and lots of local knowledge that can be applied at their vacation home in Destin. Great day!! Thanks again Jim and Kyle!!

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