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Redfish University hits 200 trips for 2012-November 19, 20 and 21, 2012

This morning, Redfish University performed its 200th fishing trip of 2012. Thank you to all Redfish University clients, Facebook fans, seminar attendees, Pro Staff sponsors and the Redfish Univerity marketing/advertising staff. Six trips in three days and great fishing in both the mornings and afternoon sessions. Each morning, we are beginning at daylight with instructional/guided trips for redfish, speckled trout and flounder until 1100am and then hustling back down south to meet our 1200 noon clients for some bull redfish action in the Pensacola Bay. We will take Thanksgiving Day off to the dismay of a few callers but back again Friday with doubles for the rest of week. Tonight, we celebrate!! Happy Thanksgiving to all. E...

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Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University-Nov. 12-18, 2012

What a fantastic week of Pensacola fishing charters and Christmas came early at Redfish University. Redfish University will hit 200 trips for 2012 on Wednesday!! Quite appropriate for Thanksgiving. Fishing everyday, sometimes twice a day, and catching a wide variety of inshore species including redfish, speckled trout, flounder and the easy bull redfish. We received some of our awesome Pro Staff kits from Pure Fishing and Yamaha and we’re set for the Winter season. We’ve also entertained a great variety of anglers in the mornings for both instructional and pure catching Redfish University charter fishing trips in Pensacola as well as many afternoon trips for the big bull redfish that are ridiculously easy to find and catch. Lots of out-of-towners, locals, new residents and some celebrities including a PGA Golf Champion and a BASS Elite Series angler. Everyone knows Redfish U. is the place to be!!! Still finding loads of speckled trout, legal redfish and flounder in their Winter homes as well as some striper in the mix. Small baits such as Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads, Shrimp and Sand Eel are the baits of choice although the redfish will still chase down a Sebile Bonga on the surface. For the bull redfish, what can we say, if you want to catch some very large redfish there are plenty around and it’s easy, easy, easy. These are not instructional Redfish University trips and all you need is Redfish U’s Pathfinder 2300 HPS and we’ll on top of hundreds of 20# redfish for your pulling pleasure. Trips last week consisted of many catch and release and some anglers took that night’s dinner. Most of the trout and small redfish are release and of course, the flounder are hitting the cooler. Taking Sunday afternoon off and ready for trips everyday this week including many double-booked days. I work too much! Thanks, E...

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Redfish University-Pensacola Inshore Fishing Charters-Nov. 7,8,9,12 2012

Instructional, traditional and combinations of the two have allowed Redfish University to fish whenever we’d like recently although the challenge remains with sorting out our 10-12 monthly locals that just love to fish with Redfish U. With travel, both in the form of business(fishing) and pleasure, we’re passing on many weekend Redfish U. trips although the next few weekends will be booked. It was another great run of Pensacola inshore fishing charters at Redfish University. Five in four days, in fact. Last week, we fished a few mornings and an afternoon with very similar results. Plenty of speckled trout, a few flounder and the redfish in the 25-40″ have held in a few staging areas and have been a blast on Sebile Bongas ripped across the surface. It was a great variety of catch and release, enough for dinner and then the “meat” packers so we’re trying to take it easy on the local redfish, trout and flounder populations. We really made a dent in it this Spring and Summer. Today, the pre-cold front conditions were ideal for a rabid feeding pattern with falling pressure, light winds and overcast skies. We encountered one trout after another with many on the 18-21″ range along with a few flounder. Later in the morning, it was the topwater redfish that took center stage with all in the 25-35″ range. All fish were released this morning. The second trip today was a rainout although we got about an hour of fishing in before the deluge started. It was my view that the rain and wind would approach later in the afternoon/early evening but I was wrong. Very poor and uncharacteristic planning and we have rescheduled this Redfish University instructional trip for later in the week. The sadness turned to joy with a huge box of new emergency Gulp! baits waiting on my doorstep upon returning home. You know you’re pounding it when a huge Gulp! allotment is gone by October!! Hitting it hard for the rest of the week and some instructional trips in Destin, FL. as well. See ya, E...

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Pensacola inshore fishing charters for redfish, trout and flounder at Redfish University-November 3-6, 2012

Almost to 200 trips for the year!! When you’re looking for a Pensacola inshore fishing charter, Redfish University is the only place to be. The last four trips have been a split with two instructional trips and two pure fish-catching outings. All the usual fantastic Redfish University guided trips. The last four mornings at Redfish University have been outstanding with large catches of redfish, speckled trout, some flounder and bull redfish. We’re still concentrating in some of the mid-level areas in our bays as many of the better quality fish have remained on or near the shallow flats. The speckled trout have been quite simple to find and catch on a variety of Berkley Gulp! baits but there are still some great topwater action for the trout and redfish as you will see later in the report. The flounder have been a bonus catch although they have been coming from similar areas so they will be targeted more predictably very soon. For the redfish, they have been very steady in both shallow and deeper water. Finding plenty of legal redfish in the areas where there are larger trout and will be taken on similar baits. In similar areas, we are also seeing big numbers of redfish in the 27-40″ range that are very happy to take a Sebile Bonga ripped on the surface. An untraditional place but they are there!! We’ve also spent a day down south targeting the larger bull redfish on the shallow flats in very clear water. Our advanced level anglers at Redfish University love to sight fish, so that’s what we do. Anyone can catch a fish out of a school of 500 and often times doesn’t interest our clients. Recent comments contain the words “insulting” and “elementary.” That one’s for you, Hugh!! Anyway, we just use the trolly and I like to allow the anglers to discover the fish for themselves although often times, I will have announce their presents if there’s a slight delay. Some catch and release and some fish have hit the cooler. Big ones are always released healthy. Scheduled today off for some Excursion maintenance and focus on getting some...

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Redfish University-Pensacola Fishing Charters-Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2012

Redfish University Fishing Charters in Pensacola, Florida just doesn’t slow down. Back from a little vacation time and had a very busy week of instructional and guided fishing trips at Redfish University. We’ve had a wide range of quality fishing trips all week with lots of speckled trout, redfish and flounder to the north and some bull redfish on the shallow flats to the south. Most days, the speckled trout count will exceed 40-50 quality fish and the redfish will stay steady in the 6-15 fish range. We’re really starting to see some great flounder in some areas with some even being sight fished in shallow water. A few clients this week wanted to end the trip with some bull redfish. With Redfish University attracting mostly advance-level anglers, our search always begins with targeting the redfish on the shallow, clear bars that can be sight fished with Berkley 4″ Gulp! Shrimp. That is exactly what we found on two occasions this week. Great fishing at Redfish University as always and don’t forget to thoroughly research your fishing guide’s credentials and experience here in Pensacola. Thanks, E...

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