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High pressure, very low production at Redfish University-October 29, 2010

Well, it was one of those days that we should have stayed in bed. Guided long-time client and Redfish U. VIP, Bob Willice, this morning in the upper bays for some redfish and trout fishing as well as some location and technique instruction. Bob, living on Santa Rosa Sound, has fished down there with me several times but has never entered East Bay or the Blackwater area. Our results from today may make certain Bob never returns to those areas!!! With the fish predictably biting so well pre-cold front, today’s high pressure, high winds and blue skies, were not exactly a great recipe for success. Nevertheless, we should still catch fish right? You would think… Started at 630am and covered some great speckled trout spots only to find catfish. Travelled further south to some fabulous redfish areas and threw the whole tackle box at them. The day after a cold front passes, it’s very important to scale down your baits, slow your retrieve to a crawl and get around as many fish as possible. We accomplished all three but both of us could not draw a bite. At 900am, I looked at Bob and said let’s go next Friday and we’ll act like today never happened. Bob agreed and we were off. Often times, negatives are accompanied by even greater positives. Because the fishing was so slow, Bob witnessed my panic mode and was able to see a huge amount of areas where there WILL be many fish in the coming weeks. We will return next Friday to find all these fish biting and in the locations they should be in. See ya Friday, Bob! Book now to experience the wonder of Redfish...

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Day 2 Redfish and Speckled trout at Redfish University-October 7, 2010

For Day 2, I guided Mr. Keith Jones in Pensacola Bay and over in Santa Rosa Sound. Started at first-light and tagged many fish on topwater baits. Redfish and trout were together off the bank during the low-tide but just outside the schools of bait and mullet. Found large schools of bigger redfish in the shallows enticing them with topwaters and sub-surface baits although it took a little while to get into a groove. After catching most the fish along that bank, we trailer the boat to the Sound. Low water had the fish pulled way off the banks so we pitched Johnson Gold Spoons outside huge schools of mullet to produce a few good redfish. After a great morning of shallow water fishing, we set course for McGuire’s for some late morning brews and a hefty lunch, the Thursday Pot Roast Special. Impressive indeed! All fish released. Last trip of the week tomorrow with the Pure Fishing/Walmart execs from Bentonville. Looks like I’ll be heading up to Bentonville, AR. again soon. Please click an image to enlarge and view slideshow....

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Difficult but not impossible at Redfish University-September 23, 2010

Guided Mr. Mike Hancock this morning. We were a bit concerned with last night’s full moon and this morning’s very little water movement which is usually a sign of tough conditions. Today was no exception but thankfully the stiff east wind helped us produce some fish. I’m very happy that I was able to postpone yesterday’s guide trip as Wednesday would have been a real struggle. Started with topwater baits at first light and stuck some heavy speckled trout but the redfish were uncooperative with only a few followers and swing and misses. We did have one fish toy with the bait for about thirty feet and finally suck the bait but unfortunately it was lost at the boat. Made a long run and switched to Johnson Gold Spoons and Gulp! Ghost Shrimp. Lots of fish that probably dined all night! Ended up getting four and five redfish between 15-22″ but found the larger fish very stubborn. Naturally, these small redfish are more aggressive in difficult conditions and usually take a bait before the bigger fish. Our theory was proven a few times as most of the small redfish were accompanied by mid-slot and upper length fish. Not even a well-placed Gulp! Shrimp, Crab or 1/8oz. Johnson Gold Spoon could pull one of these fish off of a hooked redfish. Most unusual! We were pleased to catch some fish and I think we did as well as we could possibly do today. Conditions will no doubt change in the coming days and we’ll see huge catches of redfish and speckled trout follow. Book now to experience Redfish University. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Another Five Hour Tour of Pensacola Bay and Santa Rosa Sound at Redfish University-September 16, 2010

Guided Mr. Todd Stevenson this morning for a tour of productive fishing areas in Pensacola Bay and Santa Rosa Sound. Started a little later today as we weren’t going to fish at all today. That’s right, we didn’t bring any rods! Instead, our focus was detailed maps of our area waters and a Sharpie pen. All morning, we cruised Santa Rosa Sound, Pensacola Bay, Escambia Bay, East Bay and Blackwater Bay where I showed Todd exactly where to be, at what time of year, on which tides, what he will catch , what to look for and which baits to throw. Todd was supplied with detailed descriptions of each area for the four seasons of the year.  At morning’s end, the maps were completely marked and Todd was absolutely set on inshore fishing throughout the year. Redfish University is a great investment for the beginning, new resident, weekend or even skilled local angler. At this price, the trip pays for itself extremely quickly!! I’m looking forward to hearing Todd’s awesome fishing reports in the future! Good luck...

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Great morning of Redfish, Trout and Flounder at Redfish University-September 15, 2010

Guided long-time client and one of my favorite anglers to fish with, Mr. Bob Willice, this morning. Hit the water very early and actually had about 15 minutes to wait once we arrived at our area due to darkness and one small rain shower. Started launching topwaters at first light and produced quite a few speckled trout of all sizes. We had some big redfish blowups but no hookups. That’s okay, we knew what to do! Found the large schools of mullet and bait and began to stick very good quality redfish in the 23-27″ range. Great looking orange, fat fish. Very slow-rolled 1/4oz. Johnson Gold Spoons were the bait of choice with all the loose grass on the surface and they performed nicely. Took off and fished some sand and grass mix to grab some more quality redfish. They were pretty aggressive all morning. Total: 15 great Redfish(23-27″), lots of trout, a grouper and a flounder. All fish released including the two beasts in the livewell back at the ramp. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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