Well, it was one of those days that we should have stayed in bed. Guided long-time client and Redfish U. VIP, Bob Willice, this morning in the upper bays for some redfish and trout fishing as well as some location and technique instruction. Bob, living on Santa Rosa Sound, has fished down there with me several times but has never entered East Bay or the Blackwater area. Our results from today may make certain Bob never returns to those areas!!! With the fish predictably biting so well pre-cold front, today’s high pressure, high winds and blue skies, were not exactly a great recipe for success. Nevertheless, we should still catch fish right? You would think… Started at 630am and covered some great speckled trout spots only to find catfish. Travelled further south to some fabulous redfish areas and threw the whole tackle box at them. The day after a cold front passes, it’s very important to scale down your baits, slow your retrieve to a crawl and get around as many fish as possible. We accomplished all three but both of us could not draw a bite. At 900am, I looked at Bob and said let’s go next Friday and we’ll act like today never happened. Bob agreed and we were off. Often times, negatives are accompanied by even greater positives. Because the fishing was so slow, Bob witnessed my panic mode and was able to see a huge amount of areas where there WILL be many fish in the coming weeks. We will return next Friday to find all these fish biting and in the locations they should be in. See ya Friday, Bob! Book now to experience the wonder of Redfish University.