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And again, high production at Redfish University-April 20, 2011

For Day 2 with T and Rich, they had requested a little sight fishing for large redfish like we did last Spring. Blasted off at 900am with cloud-cover but very little wind. I can work with low-light conditions but the wind has made the fish very difficult to see in time. Hit two or three areas where I always find these large redfish but only found a few sharks cruising the flats. We ended up targeting a clear flat that had a gradual dropoff and just had to trust that the fish were there. Trust comes with experience and the redfish were there indeed! Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo with Marsh Works 1/4oz. Bull Red Jigheads did the trick. Lots of fish between 18-28# to tire the fellas out before leaving back to Connecticut.  Back to the bread and butter tomorrow with the legal redfish and big trout. Book now to experience an epic adventure and learn more about inshore than you can ever imagine at Redfish University. E Holstman\ Please click an image to...

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Day 3-Redfish, pompano and jacks at Redfish University-April 9, 2011

For Day 3 with Chris and Will Tiller, we wanted to target some topwater redfish and trout again in the early morning and then hit some flats for larger redfish and then try for some more pompano. Fished some areas in Pensacola Bay where there were lots of medium sized redfish and some very nice speckled trout. We could only get one redfish to bite and saw more fish than I’ve ever seen in some areas that simply would not bite. We threw topwaters, Gulp!, everything at them but it just wouldn’t happen. Low, slow water and the combination of still pretty cool water may have made things difficult but its only a matter of time before these fish start to cooperate everyday for us. Travelled west and found some more big redfish in the 28-40″ on some shallow flats and got a couple. Some redfish were pretty difficult today as well. Found a huge school of jacks and pulled on them for a while. Ran to the beach and tried for pompano. Ended up with a few nice fish but not as active as yesterday. Trip tomorrow and I’ll report back then. E Holstman Please click an image to...

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Instructional Excellence at Redfish University-November 15, 2010

Redfish University has really gained a reputation for excellence in the area of instructional/location-based/technique guided fishing trips. We are finding that many local and visiting anglers are taking advantage of this unparalleled and untapped resource.  The instructional curriculum at Redfish U. remains fluid and a work in progress, and always will, as each trip and angler will dictate levels of educational intensity. Also the fact that I, and every angler, should learn something new on each fishing outing, the curriculum continues to get even better.  Of course, we catch plenty of  the targeted species, but these excursions are centered around where to be, when to be there, what to look for and what these fish are biting. Guided Mr. Bob Simmons in the northern bay areas this morning to concentrate on redfish, speckled trout and even largemouth and striped bass areas of interest. I think Bob found it very interesting to catch a redfish, a trout and a bass in the same areas! Covered some great areas and showed Bob everything I know about inshore fishing from setup techniques, casting, knot-tying, bait selection, line selection, leader selection to shallow water, deeper water and even introduced the dreaded popping cork with which we actually scored some very nice fish. Anyway, a very fun trip before the rains and winds really kicked up. For those interested, there isn’t a better way more efficient way to learn target and species specific areas than by booking an instructional/location/techniques(I need a clever name for these guided trips!) guided trip at Redfish University! You”ll save the fee in fuel money in a few months!! Lots of instructional trips on the books so please plan ahead. No photos today, forgot my camera. Happy Fishing! Eric...

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30+ Redfish, Big Flounder and Speckled trout in Mobile Bay at Redfish University-October 27, 2010

You gotta love this time of year! Pre-cold front conditions can be outstanding for shallow water fishing as redfish, trout and flounder are predictably rabid one or two days before a major front. Today was no exception! The redfish were biting extremely well and we hit it on a superb tide. Guided Mr. Rick Olsen and Mr. Rob Roberts this morning in Mobile Bay/Orange Beach for some spectacular inshore redfish, trout and flounder action. Rick and Rob are seasoned offshore anglers but wanted to tighten up on some inshore techniques and prime locations where they can utilized Rick’s 22 Pathfinder. Made a pretty lengthy run and got started around 630am. Lots and lots of redfish were taken on Johnson Gold Spoons, Marsh Works Bayou Thumper spinnerbaits and Gulp! 3″ Shrimp in lime tiger under Marsh Works Big Poppys. The guys got to experience how effective corks are for locating fish. A few doubles and even a triple hookup today! We even got some huge flounder in the mix as well as some small speckled trout. Total for the day was over 30 Redfish in the 3-6# range, lots of trout and a few big flounder. The fellas kept some redfish and flounder for dinner. Rick and Rob are set for inshore fishing!! Book now to experience Redfish University! Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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