For Day 3 with Chris and Will Tiller, we wanted to target some topwater redfish and trout again in the early morning and then hit some flats for larger redfish and then try for some more pompano. Fished some areas in Pensacola Bay where there were lots of medium sized redfish and some very nice speckled trout. We could only get one redfish to bite and saw more fish than I’ve ever seen in some areas that simply would not bite. We threw topwaters, Gulp!, everything at them but it just wouldn’t happen. Low, slow water and the combination of still pretty cool water may have made things difficult but its only a matter of time before these fish start to cooperate everyday for us. Travelled west and found some more big redfish in the 28-40″ on some shallow flats and got a couple. Some redfish were pretty difficult today as well. Found a huge school of jacks and pulled on them for a while. Ran to the beach and tried for pompano. Ended up with a few nice fish but not as active as yesterday. Trip tomorrow and I’ll report back then. E Holstman

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