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Redfish and trout in the holes at Redfish University-April 28, 2011

This will be a VERY informative report today. Great advice for targeting redfish during the last few day’s weather patterns. With very, very high winds yesterday, I chose to postpone yesterday’s Redfish University trip until next week. Today looked better and ends a very long string of Redfish University trips in a row. I think we fished every day available for 17 days straight. Thats busy!! Today, I guided Keith Jones and Cullum Miller for some of the same fantastic redfish and trout action from Tuesday. Now, Tuesday was very different with high winds from the south, falling pressure and great water movement.  Today, we had north winds, rising pressure and very little water movement. In fact, it’s a neap tide. We didn’t target the banks or ends of docks like we did so successfully on Tuesday. Instead, knowing the same fish would move out and over sand holes in water between 4-8′ in depth, we rolled 1/4oz. Johnson Gold Spoons and Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads over large flats with said bottom. They were definitely there, both nice trout and medium redfish were very happy to take our baits. We scaled down to 12# Stren Tinted fluoro in Gunsmoke and really concentrated on slowing down and fishing these sand spots thoroughly. Got lots of trout and some decent redfish. All fish released. Taking a short vacation out of town for the next few three days and then back to a full slate of trips at Redfish University next week and beyond. Brought camera, battery dead, so we got a few shots with Cullum’s iPhone. E Holstman Please click an image to...

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An instructive and productive afternoon at Redfish University-March 29, 2011

Guided Mr. Frank Brueske and his son-in-law, Chris, this afternoon for some fishing in the northern reaches of the Pensacola Bay system. Frank spends most of his time in Escambia Bay so I really wanted to broaden his angling knowledge and locations. Started at 1:30pm with a soft easterly breeze and incoming water. Didn’t take long for Frank and Chris to stick some quality speckled trout on Gulp! baits and hardbaits. Travelled a bit further south and fished some very productive banks for redfish and found some cooperate fish including Frank’s 24″ fatty that crushed his Gulp! 5″ Jerkshad in camo. Fished several more areas and had success pretty much everywhere. Hopefully Frank and Chris have found some very productive areas for redfish and trout and will have much success in the future. Probably a cancelled trip tomorrow because of the weather but trips the rest of this week and next so I’ll have some more awesome Redfish University reports. April is almost filled but still have openings in May so book now to experience the wonder of Redfish University. E...

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Some Chicks Fish Too hotties at Redfish University-March 19, 2011

Hey! I like fishing and I like beautiful women, so today was a great day. Got out for a few hours this morning to get some footage for Chicks Fish Too. A buddy of mine in South Florida runs the gig and my website designer and marketing genius, Randy Hamilton, handles his site and marketing as well. Found an area with lots of big redfish, beautiful water and got some really nice photos. I went into the process assuming I would be hooking fish and handing off but I was mistaken. I pointed, they recognized the fish, made very good casts and they hooked them solo. Very cool to see. Anyway, got 5-6 big fish and cruised back to Pensacola Beach for a day at the beach, a fabulous lunch and a few cocktails. Travelling a bit this week and sorting my new boat, so I’ll report back next week with many more reports. E Holstman  Please click an image to...

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Lots of legal and bull redfish at Redfish University-March 14, 2010

Guided Mr. Bill Cleek and family today. Bill and the fam are regular Spring break visitors from Houston and wanted to use their beautiful 22 Pathfinder to get familiar with the Pensacola area fishing. Met the crew at Shoreline Park at 830am and ran east in search of some redfish and trout action. Found minimal redfish and a few trout but nothing spectacular so I showed them some very productive areas they may want to try later in the week. Took a cruise back to the west. Instead of chancing the big redfish in the surf that have been unusually uncooperative lately, I introduced the Cleeks to a solid mixture of very plentiful and extremely cooperative redfish in the 8-20# range on some 3-6′ deep clear flats. Pulled up, lower the trolling motor and absolutely smashed them! All fish were easily caught sight fishing and it was thrilling seeing the group have such fun. With the Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo we took as many fish as we could humanly handle. Lots of trips coming up so book now to experience the wonder of Redfish University. Photos to...

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Plenty of redfish and trout at Redfish University-March 1 and 2, 2010

Guided Mr. Jim Lawrence and his son, Jamie, on Tuesday and guided Chris and Missy Simmons this morning. Jim and Jamie really stuck it to the redfish and trout, taking some great fish home for dinner in Destin. Today, Chris and Missy joined me for a very similar trip where both anglers got their share of quality redfish and trout. Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo always do the trick and fish were found on both protective and wind-blown banks. With the water quickly rising, I find it most productive to skirt the banks very closely, casting outward to redfish approaching the grass and root-filled bottom. Blindcasting and sight fishing were both successful techniques. The couple took a few quality trout and some mid-sized redfish home for dinner. Lots of trips booked so plan accordingly anglers!! E...

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