Hey! I like fishing and I like beautiful women, so today was a great day. Got out for a few hours this morning to get some footage for Chicks Fish Too. A buddy of mine in South Florida runs the gig and my website designer and marketing genius, Randy Hamilton, handles his site and marketing as well. Found an area with lots of big redfish, beautiful water and got some really nice photos. I went into the process assuming I would be hooking fish and handing off but I was mistaken. I pointed, they recognized the fish, made very good casts and they hooked them solo. Very cool to see. Anyway, got 5-6 big fish and cruised back to Pensacola Beach for a day at the beach, a fabulous lunch and a few cocktails. Travelling a bit this week and sorting my new boat, so I’ll report back next week with many more reports. E Holstman 

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