Guided Mr. David Williams this morning in West Bay, Panama City. Basically, the same results as yesterday. Plenty of uncooperative fish but it wouldn’t be as fun and gratifying if every fish jumped on the bait, now would it? Concentrated on some of the same areas as yesterday and then a few different ones. Zero tailing fish today which indicates they just weren’t terribly hungry but we did fool a handful of quality redfish which fell to long and very accurate casts. Ended up with 4 fish in the 25-27.5″ range and then a few 22″ fish that seems a little more aggressive. The wind helped us today with long casts and some added distraction from the boat. Slick, windless conditions can be a nightmare in Panama City’s clear waters. Gulp! 5″ Jerkys did the trick and we used a little more weight on the Owner Twist-Locks because of the wind. Back in West Bay on Tuesday, hope the fish start to bite a little better.