Returned from Wal-Mart Headquarters in Bentonville, AR. last night. Arrived Monday afternoon and got in some bass fishing with Vince Minnick and Jeff Cope from Pure Fishing/Wal-Mart division. Caught some nice bass on Vince’s 500 acre private lake and had a great dinner at Fred’s in Bentonville. First thing Tuesday morning I met with eleven of the Pure Fishing(Berkley, Penn, Trilene, etc.) execs who handle the Wal-Mart fishing department in the US. Made great progress on ideas and tackle selection in the Wal-Mart stores here on the Gulf Coast. This is a very impressive Pure Fishing/Wal-Mart operation and I hope that my advice and angling knowledge was very helpful. Looking forward to continued involvement in the future! Trips Thursday through next Friday. Very nice to have a day off today!! See everyone soon.

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