Guided Mr. Mitch Smith and friend David this morning in Pensacola Bay. Cool north breeze at 15-20, high pressure and clear skies were a concern but a positive outlook was the attitude this morning.  Left the ramp at 530am and entered a very choppy bay. Got some face-spray for the first three miles then found the protected water. Launched the topwaters and found the trout and redfish very sluggish and biting short. We put quite a few trout on the boat and had some big redfish blowups but nothing found the hooks. Ran to some very, very shallow water and found some redfish milling around. Stuck a few small fish and took off to find the 25-35″ redfish that were plentiful last week. Nowhere to be found! No bait and huge current. Returned to the marshy banks and stuck a few more small-medium redfish with one very nice one dropping the hook. We also got a few flounder and saw quite a few trails. All in all, a very disappointing day and well below Redfish University standards. We did catch some fish and had some opportunities but nevertheless, a very deeply discounted rate was granted in hopes of a much more success trip next time. All fish released and taken on Johnson Gold Spoons, Gulp! Ghost Shrimp and topwaters.

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