We’ve had some challenging conditions the last few days at Redfish University. Friday and Saturday were both full moon days and neap tides, not to mention some pretty dirty water left over from TS Isaac. Both mornings, we found the speckled trout and redfish pretty lazy on the Sebile Bongas but we got a few. Switched to small Sebile Stickshadds quickly and found the fish to be pretty cooperate. It also helps being around large numbers of both species. After 800am each morning, we stayed with Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads and 3″ Shrimp in camo to find the rest of our limits. It was very important to move the Gulp! very slowly and even deadstick for a few counts. Easy targets was the name of the game. Full moon and neap tide conditions don’t always have to be difficult. Redfish and speckled trout will bite but you have to be around large quantities of fish, scale down your baits, fish slowly and be clever. An extremely experienced and smart fishing guide also helps a lot.:) Our clients kept some fish for dinner at Aegean Breeze and the rest were released happy and healthy. Booked the next 8 days so I will continue to provided steady reports as always. Thanks, E Holstman