It’s great to be Redfish University! We’re back from a superb weekend in South Beach, Miami and The Professor is back in the classroom, our 2012 Pathfinder 2300 HPS. Upon our return, Redfish University was greeted by a plethora of local anglers ready to learn the secrets, techniques and the vast inshore fishing knowledge that so many anglers have taken advantage of over the years here at Redfish University. We can’t stress enough the importance of carefully vetting your inshore fishing guides. Researching your guide’s biographical information, credentials, testimonials and overall angling experience will insure that you will find optimal value in your fishing trip and, most importantly, that you’ve made the best possible choice in that particular location, especially when it comes to inshore fishing instruction. We want anglers to return to the Pensacola area for many years to come.

The last two days have been unbelievable in both angling education and pure fish-catching at Redfish University. We’re still finding great numbers of redfish and speckled trout in the lower and mid-bay areas. Contrary to other less knowledgeable reports, our redfish and speckled trout populations are indeed beginning their transitional stage(I stress “beginning”), but many of the larger speckled trout and most of the redfish will remain south until a significant cold front drives these better quality fish northward. There’s some valuable free advice to local anglers and other charter fishers. That is not to say that there aren’t some of both species near the large and small rivers in the area but many/most of these fish are below the size limits and are mostly unacceptable to Redfish University clients. We’ll stay with the Redfish University instructional trips for the remainder of the week and next with a few regular guided redfish and speckled trout trip in between for the bass fishing tourists. Thanks, E Holstman- Professor at Redfish University:)