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Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University-Dec. 6-14, 2012

Redfish University Dec. 6-10, 2012–The instructional marvel of Redfish University continues to shine!! Most guide companies are somewhat steady in the Summer months but the off-season means a huge demand for Redfish University’s reputation with sometimes difficult conditions and the masses of local and traveling anglers searching for real guidance and instruction from an experienced, knowledgable and proven guide service. This has translated into extremely busy Fall/Winter seasons for our company since it’s creation. Lots of Pensacola Fishing Charter trips and great fishing at Redfish University. Five trips in the last fours and took Sunday off. Last Thursday and Friday’s instructional trips were outstanding with an enormous amount of speckled trout and redfish hitting the deck. Saturday’s double-header consisted of a pure fish-catching charter in the morning and another excellent Redfish University instructional trip in the afternoon. Our clients learn the best techniques in inshore fishing as well as catch big numbers of speckled trout and redfish. Yesterday’s instruction/catching charter was another awesome day of both species as well as some large redfish near the end of the trip. Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads, Johnson 1/4oz. Gold Spoons, Gulp! Sand Eels and Sebile Bongas were on the menu for all four days. An average Redfish University trip will yield 40-60 speckled trout from 14-23″, 10-20 redfish between 16-40″ with most in the 22-26″ range as well as some bonus flounder and many stripers in the next few months. Some catch and release but many hit the cooler. Stay tuned for this afternoon’s and tomorrow’s report in some of the most brutal conditions of the Winter thus far. We’re gonna produce some tremendous numbers of fish after a 30 degree temperature drop, 20 mph winds and rain. Thanks, E...

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Pensacola Inshore Fishing Charters at Redfish University-Dec. 1-5, 2012

If you’re looking for a professional inshore fishing charter in Pensacola, Florida, Redfish University is the only place to be. The month of December has started much like all of 2012, extremely busy with five trips in the last five days. We are strictly concentrating on Redfish University instructional and backwaters trips where we are absolutely smashing the legal redfish, quality speckled trout and bull redfish. Great mornings with falling water and even a few afternoon trips as the water rises. Each condition requires completely different locations and some clever techniques. An average Redfish University trip will yield as many speckled trout as you wish, many trips exceed 50 speckled trout, plenty of legal redfish and even a few flounder in the box from time to time. Lately, we’ve been ending our Redfish U. trips a few miles south and sticking redfish in the 30-40″ range on Sebile Bongas and Gulp! Jerkshads. This is a great bonus for Redfish University clients who want to pull on some big redfish and a professor(and clients) who despise the elementary bull redfish trips, dealing with the 10-15 private/charter boats in the southern bays and inexperienced charter fishers wildly chasing schools of 500 redfish. Great anglers, one boat, a trolling motor and the correct approach makes it MUCH more productive. At Redfish University, our clients are treated to the highest quality saltwater fishing gear on the planet. All Maverick Boat Company(Maverick, Hewes, Pathfinder) boats are all current year models. Our Maverick/Hewes/Pathfinders are powered by the most reliable, innovative, powerful and performance driven outboards on earth, the Yamaha VMax SHO 250. Each year at Redfish University, a new boat comes and the old boat goes. In addition, Redfish University clients are using current year, and often the next year’s new products, from Pure Fishing including Penn Conquer Reels, Penn rods, Gulp!, Sebile, Abu Garcia, Spiderwire, Stren, Johnson and more. Rods and reels at Redfish University are never used more than six months. Redfish University clients stay warm and dry in an assortment of technical gear provided by Patagonia including Rain Shadow jackets, Traverse jackets, Guide Jackets, Marsupial Shells and other quality layers. Our clients...

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Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University-Nov. 27-30, 2012

Pensacola inshore fishing charters at Redfish University continue to stay extremely busy into the Winter season. A great number Pensacola/Destin/Orange Beach visitors, new local instructional clients and Redfish U. monthly subscribers who can be called at a moment’s notice, keeps us fishing nearly everyday throughout the year. Three of our last four Redfish U trips have been instructional guided trips with new residents and local anglers looking for the best inshore fishing education the Florida’s Gulf Coast has to offer. We’ve experienced full moon conditions and less than optimal tides for the last four days at Redfish University but these conditions give us an excellent opportunity to show clients the proper techniques, baits and productive areas to draw bites and most importantly catch redfish, speckled trout and flounder in tough conditions. Temperature fluctuations, bad tides, irregular wind patterns and a full moon can be make things pretty challenging but with the proper knowledge, the absolute most can be made out of any situation. We’re continuing to produce large numbers of speckled trout in all sizes although we’ve done an outstanding job of keeping anglers in the zone and on the 17-22″ trout. The redfish have been pretty easy to find although finding a few between the lines can be difficult especially in poor conditions. The bull redfish on the flats are much more cooperation and we’ve been taking plenty in the 32-40″ range on Sebile Bongas. The flounder are around although consistency can only be found in a few locations with dark, muddy bottoms. Some trips are strictly catch/release and some are taking a few for dinner but the hopes are that all Redfish University have gained a wealth of inshore fishing knowledge in the Pensacola, Florida area and have found an incredible value in our unique and proven services at Redfish University. Saturday and Sunday mornings will conclude this week’s instructional fishing sessions and then another full week of instructional and bull redfish easy trips including a handful of Redfish University in Destin and Panama City’s West Bay in the coming days. Thanks again, E...

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Innovation, quality and success at Redfish University-November 22-26, 2012

When serious and quality conscience anglers seek the best in Pensacola, Florida inshore fishing charters and instructional guided trips with the only guide service that exclusively uses artificial baits, they summon the excellence and experience of Redfish University. After all, we are the innovators, not the imitators. An inshore fishing instructor must not only prove to be an extremely successful fishing guide but also demonstrate the knowledge, experience, patience and confidence to profess accurate doctrine to knowledge-thirty, paying anglers. To provide or possess anything less is unconscionable. This leads to a value quotation; Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” The last four days of fishing at Redfish University have been nothing short of outstanding. We are still concentrating on the legal redfish, speckled trout, flounder and even some stripers from 530-1030am and then taking a break and catching the bull redfish with novice clients in the afternoon. In the mornings, a small Sebile Bonga Minnow is still working nicely as well as small Gulp! baits. Finding huge amounts of great quality speckled trout with some in the 3-4# range. In one location, we took 8 trout over 3 pounds and mopped up a limited in 10 minutes. The redfish are great as well and a few flounder with find the cooler as a bonus. Lots of fish in the cooler over the last four days. So much for taking it easy on the population. The bull redfish are easy. Basically, anything you throw will work but we like to allow our clients at Redfish University to actually see these fish on shallow clear flats where we use the Berkley Gulp! 4″ Shrimp and make well-placed casts. The larger Sebile Bongas are great to grab these larger fish as well. Postponed today’s trip due to rain but back at it tomorrow with yet another double-booking. Thanks again for making Redfish University THE guide service on the Gulf Coast!!! E...

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