Guided Chris Ferstl and his friend Brett this morning in the Pensacola Bay system. The fellas are from Houston and fish Trinity Bay(one of my favorites) for huge trout and redfish so I wanted to get them around those big 3-5# trout and redfish we’ve been finding. Found the wind to be coming from exactly the wrong direction today which really fouled up our early morning topwater action. Started at 500am running the nose of the Hewes 21 Redfish tabs down into a wind/tide stacked chop. Arrived to find some nice rollers pounding the banks but found a few confused speckled trout to suck some topwater Sebiles. We quickly switched to Gulp! Jerkshads with 1/4oz. jighead(in windy conditions) and found many more quality takers. Ran to the south side of East Bay for some protection and found more speckled trout in deeper holes around the docks. No redfish or flounder yet. Made our way into Escambia Bay only to find many more trout. Clear water lines with lots of mullet was the key to catching fish today. We probably hit 30-40 trout, embarrassingly only a few that hit 2.5#, but found it pretty odd not to get the normal handful of good redfish and some early flounder. It should make it very interesting tomorrow with a solid neap tide! All fish released. E Holstman

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