They got a little tricky on us the last few days but the beauty of artificial baits is you can cover lots of water. That was exactly what we did. Guided the head of the Yamaha Testing Facility up in Alabama, Keith Vince and his son this morning for some redfish action in Santa Rosa Sound. We really had to work for them today. The full moon, although it was covered most of the evening, really made things difficult with lots of big bites but very few sticks. Started with the Sebile Bongos and I encouraged the guys to really slow down the baits and use a pause. Stuck a few small redfish and then got a 24″ fish that finally grabbed the bait. Even the trout were off today. Frustrated with the first hour or so, I switched us over to the Johnson 1/4oz. Gold Spoons and went in search of large schools of mullet. Success!! We found some huge schools of mullet and slowly rolled the spoons through the mullet on the surface. Slow, slow, slow was the difference between a handful of fish and zero fish. Redfish to 27.5″ and some better trout made the day much better but overall it was very slow. The fellas took a few for dinner and we released the rest. Oh, and I caught the smallest redfish today at 8″. Rescheduled tomorrow’s trip for better conditions next week. E Holstman

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