Guided Mr. Rick Maddox and his son, Josh,  from Baytown, TX. this morning in Blackwater and Escambia Bays. Rick and Josh are accomplished bass anglers back in Texas and frequent Sam Rayburn and some areas south of the border. They wanted to stick with the bass fishing theme so I put them on several inshore slams, covering a wide array of techniques and areas. First, we focused on several large schools of trout with a few redfish mixed in. Ran to Blackwater to get some redfish in the shallow water and finished the day with some quality flounder including one 6.5#, 26 1/2 inch monster. All fish caught on Johnson 1/4 Gold Spoons and Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo. I kept 5 flounder for stuffing(Tracy loves stuffed flounder.) Unfortunately, we got drenched on the way back to the ramp but remained comfortable in our Patagonia and Yamaha rain gear although our pants were soaked.

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