Guided Mr. Bob Willice this morning. I’m guiding out of the Maverick 17HPX for a week or so, so we decided to go shallow and stick some redfish.  Started out on a very shallow flat and found redfish everywhere. Some fish were cooperative and some were not. Eventually found that the fish in around three feet of water were ripe for the taking. Stuck some very nice fish as well as few nice speckled trout. Also, saw a speckled trout that was over 7 pounds but the smaller(2.5#) trout ran down the bait. Bob also had an epic  redfish strike right next to the boat. The 30″ fish was chasing the bait as Bob worked it to the boat. He slowed the bait down and the fish did a head-stand and inhaled the Gulp! 5″ Jerkshad. It was a classic view from the poling platform that I will remember for a long time! Anyway, Bob’s next adventure involves the challenging pompano in a few weeks. All fish caught on Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads and Johnson 1/4oz. Gold Spoons. All fish released.

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