Yesterday Feb 22., I guided some fellas with a shared vacation house down in Navarre Beach. They wanted to fish close to them so they could just go out and do some fishing on their own. With the mild Winter, it was very possible that some larger redfish were already in the area so we took off to check some shallow banks and ledges. I didn’t take long to see some 30-40″ redfish cruising the banks. In this situation, we like to toss at Gulp! 4″ Shrimp on a bit heavier jighead to get it to the bottom quickly. We found a decent amount of over-sized redfish and some legals mixed in. When we ran out of bank, we concentrated on the very few cormorants in the area and found some more redfish directly underneath them. It was a really fun trip and it was great to see the redfish have already entered some areas in the Sound. Dead phone, left the camera in the Excursion and still trying to get used to this small, borrowed boat meant no photos but here’s what the big redfish looked like. Thanks again, E Holstman