Redfish University NEVER guides on the weekends but for Redfish U. VIP’s, we make exceptions. Guided Dr. Edwin Yee, his son Jordan and friend Andy this morning in some northern areas of the bay system to find some redfish and speckled trout as well as to introduce them to some new areas to them that will be very, very productive in the coming weeks. Launched Edwin’s beautiful 22 Pathfinder/F150 Yamaha at first light and got to work. Full moon, high pressure, low/dead water made things difficult but not impossible. There was a real lack of mullet this morning but we found some redfish hanging on muddy banks to draw some topwater strikes. Very uncooperative fish today with only a few fish caught but we had some great strikes as well. With total home renovation in the process at the Holstman residence, I departed a little early to meet the interior designer and theater room specialist, and sent the crew a bit further south where I hear they found a few more redfish. Hopefully, this trip was extremely productive in a few other ways (locations, techniques and bait selections) because there wasn’t much rod bending this morning. The guys are still out there as I write so maybe as the water begins to move, things will improve. All fish released. Lots of trips again next week(full in fact) so look for more reports soon. Book now to experience the absolute best in inshore angling with Redfish University!!