Redfish University is your only choice for shallow water sight fishing for redfish and large speckled trout with the exclusive use of artificial baits. Redfish U. offers the guaranteed lowest rates on the Gulf Coast with Full Day rates at an incredible $350.00. You catch nothing, you pay nothing. Guaranteed.

 The new Yamaha 250 SHO is mounted, can exceed 72 mph and is ready for work.  At Redfish University, April and May are shaping up to be an extremely busy timeframe. With packed weeks of guiding from Panama City, FL. to Hopedale, LA., space is beginning to be very  limited. Redfish U. has now opened weekends to provide more space for the large number of interested shallow water anglers. No matter your location or the location you would like to target, this Spring will be offer incredible opportunities for the sight fishing enthusiast. Come experience what Redfish University does best and the absolute BEST in Gulf Coast shallow water fishing. Space is limited so book now!! See everyone soon. E Holstman