Guided Mr. Kevin Stillworth this morning in Destin’s Hogtown Bayou and some nearly banks east of there. As always, Hogtown provided lots of action and lots of redfish. The schools of mullet were in full flight and the redfish were positioned within these massive schools. Went to the old faithful in Hogtown, the Johnson 1/4oz. Gold Spoon, and went to work. We banged redfish after redfish!! Some were 24″, some were 19″ and some were 26-28″. Worked there for a few hours and then buzzed to a school of consistent fish about 2 miles east of Hogtown. Mostly mid-sized (23-24″) with a few studlies mixed in. Quite honestly, I can count how many fish we caught but 45 would be a safe guess. Sore arms today!!!