Sometimes it’s a little tricky to predict what our local redfish are going to do from day to day, but the redfish under the conditions we had the last few days were as predictable as it gets. Light to zero mph north winds, VERY slow incoming tide, high sun and hot water meant the redfish would be found in extremely shallow water. Both outings were very similar. Topwaters at first light produced some big strikes and a few redfish and trout. Slow moving water means inactive redfish and trout but they will bite, especially over sand bottom. Since we were in Santa Rosa Sound both days, most of the fishable sand bottom areas can be found on the south side and in a handful of fishable areas on the northside. Being in close proximity to deeper(3-6′) water is also very helpful and as always, huge amounts of mullet and flashing pinfish is an absolute must.  Trolled the fellas down very shallow banks that had great shallow sand areas near the shore and found the redfish and big trout pretty cooperative. I viewed many fish behind us over the solid grass that were definitely uncomfortable. Of the 75-100 redfish that I saw, only a few showed any interest at all and took the spoons or Gulp! The sand banks were another story. Tailing fish, waking fish, cruising fish and sitting fish on the sand are ALWAYS more likely to take artificials in clear, slick, dead, hot water. Gotta make the accurate cast though! All fish released except a few for Aegean Breeze tonight. Thanks, E Holstman

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