Guided Mr. Ferd Saloman and Chris Saloman this morning in search of redfish and speckled trout. Fishing on the neap tides the last few months have made very little difference in fish production and today was no exception. Started at first light with some topwaters in shallow water. The redfish and trout were a bit sluggish with lots of chasers and short bites but several quality speckled trout and redfish found the hooks. Surprisely, it was the trout that were most uncooperate on some banks that normally produce 20-30 fish in a very short timeframe. Made some good decisions to fish a little deeper water around bait to find some great redfish between 25-31″. We also found some sharks at the end of the morning which were alot of fun to fight and rounded the trip out nicely. Redfish and trout were taken on Gulp! Jerkshads in camo, Johnson Gold Spoons and small Skitterwalks. Most fish release with some trout and redfish taken for dinner.

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