Guided Mr. Steven Schubert this morning. Collected Steven at the Ramada on Scenic Hwy. at 450am and continued to the ramp. Made a quick four mile run to begin with the topwater baits. The protected bank was pretty glassy(too glassy in my opinion) but we quickly attracted some great blowups. I believe a significantly slower dog-walk is the key to producing more fish on topwater in glassy conditions. Steven stuck quite a few nice speckled trout and was gloriously rewarded with a second cast to a redfish looking for his topwater bait. A fine 26″ stout fish. Abandoned the topwaters around 730am and stayed with Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads with worm rattles the rest of the day. Found some water to be stained and off-color, hence the rattles. Rattles in Steven’s bait and zero rattles in my bait. I think Steven had 5-times as many bites and probably learned a bit about stained water fishing. Anyway, pounded away at nice trout and redfish the rest of the morning. Strangely, we both had several fish drop hooks this morning including a few huge trout and some nice redfish. In fact, a very large trout inhaled a small croaker that I accidently hooked and held it all the way to the boat only to be lost through the hole in my net. Need to fix that!!! Steven was a blast to fish with and he took some redfish and trout home for dinner.

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