This morning’s Redfish University inshore session focused again on late Fall and Winter fishing in the Pensacola, Florida area. While most of quality redfish and speckled trout will remain to the south for now, we started the morning in historically productive areas where our clients will find huge success in the coming months. Again, we found plenty of small-medium sized speckled trout along with some medium redfish although we did connect with some quality and even larger redfish on Sebile Bongas first thing in the morning. After our thorough educational tour of these areas and after demonstrating the vast knowledge and much sought after experience that only comes from Redfish University, the new anglers were treated to some better quality redfish, trout and flounder in areas that are absolutely infested with these species at the moment. We kept some fish for dinner and the rest were released properly. Like yesterday, the gents were treated to bonus coverage in the form of GoogleEarth maps of highly productive locations where they can target some easily caught bull redfish in the next few months. The extra mile, the extra value and the Redfish University reputation makes the choice simple for anglers who know better, deserve better and require the best in angling education and unparalleled instruction in Pensacola, Florida. We will take the next few days off for travel time and return bright and early Monday morning with another packed week of instructional and guided trips at Redfish University. Take care, E Holstman-Professor at Redfish University

Great fishing, awesome instruction and awkward comedy at Redfish U!- October 8-9, 2012
Back to a very busy schedule at RU! We’re back from a great weekend in Destin for 2012 Fudpuckers volleyball, great friends and fabulous restaurants. Yesterday’s RU trip was met by high north winds and quickly falling water so we had to make some clever adjustments and target subtle temperature, water clarity and depth breaks. We found the speckled trout to be no trouble at all but the redfish were another story although we managed a few and took a quality fish for dinner. Threw Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads most of the afternoon and this was the correct bait to draw our bites.
This morning, after some sad antics at the ramp, we travelled way east to find plenty of speckled trout and some redfish to be originally taken for dinner. High pressure made it a little more difficult today but we found a handful to bites in each area which kept the action steady. Thankfully, we were on point by keeping all the redfish alive as our clients needed to leave later in the day. All redfish were released and some trout went to a buddy for a cookout. On a side, today’s Redfish University trip started with a fortuitous yet unfortunate encounter. We’ve seen some early morning comedy at local ramps over the years and I love quality entertainment but this takes the cake. Witnessed by many, a clown was walking around shouting obscenities, incoherent dribble and spreading clown-cheer. Help was offered but regrettably denied. Gladly, our clients were late and were spared a horrific introduction to Pensacola. Funny, unsettling and sad at the same time, it really makes you incredibly thankful for the life you have. We’ll be in Destin and Fort Walton Beach tomorrow and Thursday for some instructional regulars and then back at the circus on Friday and Saturday with some beautiful neap tides. Take care, E Holstman