For professional, credible and qualified Inshore Saltwater Fishing Instruction in Pensacola, Florida, Redfish University is your only choice. During a volatile weather month like January, we’ll gladly take four trips per week at Redfish University. We’ve had a nice stretch of warm weather and overcast skies here in Pensacola which has made fishing very comfortable for the masses of Redfish University clients and has made targeting redfish and speckled trout very, very easy. Today and yesterday afternoon, we were forced to postpone two trips due to rain, high winds and very cold temperatures but the regular locals always have the luxury of rescheduling at Redfish University.

Huge catches of quality speckled trout has continued with 40-60 trout per trip including some large fish in the last few days in the 4-6# range. The redfish have been all over the place in location and in size. Most fish are being taken in less than 3′ of water near small groups of mullet. These fish will range from 17-33″ with most being inside the 18-27″ range. The most popular baits are Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads in camo and Johnson 1/4oz Gold Spoons although a Sebile Bonga Minnow has taken its share in the last few days, especially in warmer conditions. The speckled trout have been consistent on Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads in camo/rootbeer rigged on a jighead or the now well known Redfish University drop-shot rig. During days with high winds, boat positioning can mean the difference between catching 70 fish and catching nothing. Because many of the fish will be found on wind-blown and side-wind banks, boat control is of the utmost importance. Providing your anglers with the optimal angles and the ability to cast with the wind 100% of the time, will insure optimal success for catching redfish and speckled trout. Yet, another one of many important techniques you will not learn elsewhere. Big things and small things will make the difference in your angling success. Two trips were catch and release and one trip took some speckled trout for a fish fry.

We’re looking forward to the Redfish University Yamaha Staff Blog due out in a few days focusing on Pensacola’s January redfish, speckled trout and redfish as well as some great instructional tips for targeting all three. Of course, this blog will also focus heavily on the incredible Yamaha Vmax SHO 250 mounted on our 2013 Pathfinder 2300 HPS. In addition, Redfish University is extremely excited that Pensacola will host the Pure Fishing/Berkley Regional Sales Meeting in the coming weeks. A full week of fishing, fishing-talk, new products, new ideas and fun!!

Definitely guiding tomorrow(Friday afternoon), Saturday and Sunday with three Redfish University instructional guided trips. Thank you all for a fantastic January pace with 11 trips thus far. They just keep coming and only 289 to go!!! Thanks, E Holstman