A nice string of early-week trips after a much needed vacation period. Guided groups of local anglers looking for instruction for redfish and speckled trout with artificial baits. Great tide movement and the action was superb althought Monday and Tuesday were a bit windy and rainy. Each trip began with loads of speckled trout and we found plenty of redfish on shallow water flats and sandbar ledges. As the tide rose, we found some flounder in a few shallow areas and, of course, we see more than we catch. Surprisely, there were an unusual amount of flounder in the backwater areas of Pensacola this Winter and early Spring. We used Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads and Johnson 1/4oz Spoons to take the speckled trout and redfish, respectively. All trips ended in a very exciting way. Right before sunset we will toss topwater Sebile Bongos over the shallow flats to produce great numbers of redfish and larger speckled trout. Most fish released and some made it home for dinner. Trips booked for the rest of the month and into April. Thank you everyone for starting 2012 with a BANG! at Redfish University. Take care, E Holstman

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