It’s been a pretty productive, and instructive, few days at Redfish University although I would classify the redfish, speckled trout and even the bull redfish as perplexing. In some areas, the fish just shut down in 20 minute intervals and in others, they simply wouldn’t bite at all. You know they’re there, but just not hungry. We ended up with 15-20 speckled trout and 3 redfish, not exactly epic and a lot like bass fishing which is never good. For the bull redfish, the numbers are in the hundreds on the flats but it took that many to get a few to bite. We found deadsticking Gulp! 4″ Shrimp in the middle of the small schools the only way they would take a bait. Both trips focused on education and very productive techniques for both legal redfish and speckled trout as well as the bull redfish on our flats. I know our anglers will have the appropriate tools to put as many, hopefully more, on their own boats soon.

Preparing today and tommorrow for the Bass Pro Shops Spring Classic in Destin with a total of seven seminars covering a wide variety of interesting topics. We have a guide trip Friday morning in Destin and then off to Bass Pro Shops on Friday afternoon and Saturday. See everyone in Destin! E Holstman