Hello! I had a feeling this Winter, with the huge number of RU trips, this fun, part-time hobby I call Redfish University was going to get out of hand this Spring and Summer. Thank you to everyone who has fished, will fish and is currently fishing at Redfish University. It’s more than I expected, really. March 23-26 was actually 5 trips in 4 days. Hence, the opening drama. Definitely not doing anymore daily double trips. Fished Destin a few times, Navarre once and then the rest here in Pensacola. All areas along the Gulf Coast continue to be excellent and catching tons of fish is absolutely no problem. Lots of speckled trout and legal redfish in the upper bays of Choctawhatchee Bay as well as larger redfish in Ft. Walton and the deeper flats around Destin. Pensacola Bay has come alive and some areas that haven’t been productive in years are really firing on all cylinders at the moment, a result of a mild Winter no doubt. Topwaters on the flats early, then Johnson Spoons and Gulp! for the rest of the session. Fishing should be fantastic all week, with you guessed it, Redfish University trips all week. Going straight to Belize when I’m done for some lounge-time and fishing on my own. Adjo! Thank, E Holstman

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