We were looking for some visual stimulation this morning for Day 2. Today, the Enabnits and I travelled to Destin, FL. for some shallow water sight fishing for bull redfish. The fellas appreciated the fact that Redfish University doesn’t troll nor throw at birds for these redfish adventures. Like yesterday, we found redfish in very shallow water. Unlike yesterday, these redfish were all over 30″ and 100% of our hookups were a result of sight fishing. Found the fish to be a mixture of challenging and pretty cooperative with a well-placed presentation. It took the fellas a little while to get the hang of it but before long, they were sticking fish regularly. Today we used 4″ Gulp! Shrimp in New Penny and Molting with an 1/8oz. Marsh Works Bull Red jighead. A lighter head helped present the bait more naturally. Several doubles today and strikes from trailing fish which was fun to watch. All fish released happy and healthy. Travelling to Orange Beach tomorrow morning for a redfish, trout and flounder festival. Book now to experience the thrill of Redfish University.

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