After a few days off to work with Berkley, I guided Mr. Mitch Smith this morning. Mitch is a very good angler and wanted to go find some redfish. Very poor conditions today with 20-30mph winds, no water movement from the neap tides and a full moon to top it off. No problem. Started out early with some very nice speckled trout while we waited for sun to get high. After catch our trout we headed for the redfish. Hard winds made things difficult but we made the appropriate adjustments and decisions. Mitch started off with a 25.5″ 6.25# fatty and then stuck the perfect redfish. On the paint at 27″ and 7.75#. Nice tournament weight of a little over 14#’s of meaty redfish. Continued to stick more fish including some oversized beasts between 10-20#. Plenty of redfish around and they are very willing to bite. All fish caught on Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads in camo and rootbeer rigged with my favorite Marsh Works jigheads. Johnson Spoons also took some fish. Pompano tomorrow!

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