Beginning of the neap tide this morning with minimal water movement and calm winds. Needed to concentrate in areas with huge numbers of redfish and trout and slow things down. Guided Rob and Nick this morning. The guys are tournament bass fisherman from Missouri and are both very talented anglers. Hit the water at 500am and made a pretty long run into East Bay. Met with decent water movement in this particular area with lots of mullet so things looked very promising. Long casts with Sebile Bongas were attacked nearly every cast by speckled trout of all sizes and found the redfish on the banks and out as well. Instead of hugging coves and sheltered points, we proved that finding the most water movement in an area would be most beneficial. Started the morning with 25 great trout and 5-6 redfish from 23-28″. When the water began to really slow down, we found our own water movement around river and creek mouths to find some more upper-slot redfish and trout. And when the wind picked up strangely out of the north, we fished wind-blown banks to blindcast several more trout and a few more redfish. My best advice for neap tides is finding the moving water, being around lots and lots and lots of fish and slowing down your retrieval. Overall, a really awesome day of fishing with two very good anglers. All fish released and at it again tomorrow and Saturday morning.

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