The last five trips in three days have been outstanding here at Redfish University despite some neap tides on Sunday, heavy rains and winds on Monday and very windy conditions today(Tuesday). All scenerios can present a challenge, but finding hungry fish is the key. Busy enough to do a few afternoon double bookings as well with some local anglers looking for some top-notch inshore fishing instruction, techniques and highly productive areas. While there are plenty of talented anglers vacationing and fishing with Redfish University, it’s the local regulars, new resident anglers and military visitors in search of world-class instruction that we enjoy the most. As the water temperatures haven’t dropped, we’ve been concentrating on similar Summer areas where plenty of redfish, quality speckled trout and flounder have been on the menu nearly all year. Topwater Sebiles have been great early, followed by some Stickshadds and then some Gulp! Jerkshads and perhaps some Johnson 1/4oz Gold Spoons. Four proven baits from Pure Fishing and their results will speak for themselves. Each of the five outing in the last three day presented very different and specific quandaries with today’s trip ending pretty slow, but nonetheless, much was learned and much was caught. Typical trips consist of 25-40+ speckled trout, 6-12 redfish and 1-5 flounder. Guiding the next four mornings with two catch trips and two instructional trips. Thanks, E Holstman