Travelled to West Bay, Panama City this morning to guide Mr. Alan Wright and his father aboard his new 2008 21 Maverick Master Angler. Part of my contract and responsibility with Maverick Boat Company and Ship’s Chandler allows me to introduce and familiarize new owners with their new fishing machines by taking them on shallow water redfish trips. These guys also received some clown-like entertainment, witnessing me falling in the water setting the hook on a fish. (Sorry, no photo.) Mr. Wright, Sr. laughed for hours! The depth was only 18″ but I went in hip first which completely soaked me. I did catch the fish after re-entering the boat. Oh well… Launched at River Camps and hit some of my favorite areas. Got on fish immediately and it was on!! Showed them proper bait choice, line and fluoro selections, poling techniques, how to approach schools of fish and proper presentation. Also valuable info were hints on recognizing mullet wakes and redfish wakes. This didn’t take long!! Anyway, caught some very nice fish in the 25-27.5″ range and they are well-armed with great information for their fishing future.