Guided Miles Dobbs today for some speckled trout and redfish action in Pensacola, Escambia and East Bays. Miles in a college bass angler from East Texas so it was great to watch him work. Started at first light with some big, medium and small speckled trout over in East Bay. We also got some medium redfish along the banks with a couple big fish the pounded the baits but missed the hooks. When the sun got high we hit some docks on the south side of East Bay to grab some more trout on Gulp! Jerkshads. Made our last stop over in Escambia and concentrated on the eastern shore for a few hours and found plenty of quality trout to eat our Jerkys. Moved to the west side of the bay and found weekend warriors crawling all over the banks along Scenic. I guess the secret is out, but it is Saturday, isn’t it. Hit the banks a few times and picked up five  2-3# speckled trout and one 4# redfish. Ran south to a back up bank and found some more decent trout and some medium redfish. On our way south along Scenic Hwy. as we were cruising at 45mph, I caught a glimpse of what I thought was an alligator tailing in about 8′ of water. Made a U-turn and sure enough, a 9-10 foot alligator had its nose on the bottom tailing like a redfish. As we approached, he came to the surface for some photos. I see them in Louisiana all the time but this is the first one I’ve seen in Pensacola. This was a huge alligator! 30-35 speckled trout and 5-6 redfish. All fish released. E Holstman

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