The fishing has been outstanding at Redfish University this week. Outgoing tides and calm conditions have allowed us to sight fish for both tailing and cruising redfish and speckled trout in very shallow water. The average trip consists of 7-15 Redfish, 10-25 trout and a few flounder mixed in.  At first light we’re launching topwater Sebile Bongos over sandflats and mixed bottom littered with mullet and bait. We’ve experienced some of the best topwater action of the year with solid 2-4# trout and redfish between 23-33″. Also finding flounder in the same areas resulting in some classic inshore grand slams. With the dropping water temp, topwaters are working until about 9am and then we’re switching to Johnson 1/40z. Gold Spoons and Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads rigged on 1/80z. Marsh Works jigheads. Plenty of fish but in very few areas. Mullet and bait are a must. Plenty of upcoming trips so I’ll post more soon. Thanks, E Holstman

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