Guided the Hamiltons this morning for an instructional and fish catching trip at Redfish University. The duo requested some areas where they can consistently find redfish, speckled trout and flounder to catch and eat. I knew just the place! Started a first light with Bongos over mixed bottom. Plenty of quality speckled trout and redfish. Perfect conditions allowed us to skirt groups of mullet and bait and hammer away at the redfish and trout. We found it difficult at first to produce some legal redfish as most were between 29-33″ but we were able to weed through the overs and then found some to sight fish on a shallow, protected bank. Started landing redfish in the 24-26.5″ range pretty regularly. We also found a few flounder on the banks. Not big ones but 13-15″ range. The Hamiltons graciously took only what they could eat and we released the rest to be caught later at Redfish University. Thanks, E Holstman

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