Guided Mr. Jim Tully and Mr. Dustin Martinson this morning in the upper bays. Both are avid anglers and were lots of fun to fish with. We were met with cold temperatures, a stiff wind and some very sneaky redfish. With the water falling rapidly, we started by targeting some shallow flats with decently clear water. After struggling for the first hour or so, we finally stuck our first fish, a 27″ 6.5# redfish. Continued on the same path for a while and then hit some shallow, muddy areas where we found them pretty thick. Lots of mid-size to smaller fish but plenty of them! Dustin has a few epic strikes after seeing fish leave the bank and made awesome casts to the waking redfish. Very cool hookups! Concentrated on replicating the same areas and it really paid off. Stuck with three techniques today. Jerkys, spoons and popping corks. All together over 20 redfish, 1 nice trout and a turtle.

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